Fuel System Analyser

This is the only tool that allows total diagnostics of an engine’s fuel delivery system and exhaust system. It can be used on carburettored vehicles as well as engines that have electronic fuel injection. An additional kit for K Jetronic vehicles is also available.


Dynamically Measure Fuel Flow and Pressure Insitu & Under Load

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  • Faulty high volume fuel pumps
  • Faulty primary fuel pumps
  • Blocked fuel filters
  • Restricted pre-pump strainers
  • Faulty fuel pressure regulators
  • Aerated, vaporised and/or contaminated fuel
  • Leaking fuel injectors
  • Blocked exhaust systems
  • Leaky non-return valves
  • Restricted fuel return lines
  • Faulty fuel dampers
  • Faulty accumulators (K Jetronic)
  • Poor quality electric fuel pump power supplies